Ok so I don’t come from a painter background. Most of my work has been either digital graphics, or pen and ink illustration. A few years ago, however, I was fortunate enough to find work for a non profit doing art with pediatric patients. During this time, I was paired up with several incredibly talented painters. We would attempt to raise interest for the kids to get involved, and perhaps temporarily shake off all of the troubles that come with whatever their specific ailment entailed. The requests would pour in, from minions to x-men, to minion x-men. I’d watch these painters do amazing things with the kids’ paint; creating bright, dynamic and captivating images with what one would assume was less that professional grade materials.

Intrigued by this amazing work, I was compelled to learn more. Working 3 days a week, for a couple of years, I began to pick up tricks and techniques. Most of the work I’ve done can be seen on my instagram account.

I get asked a lot of questions, like what materials am i using? How can we do it so quickly? etc. So the answer to most of these, is tempera paint.

Now I know, there will be a ton of folks out there who’d burn me at the stake for saying this, but tempera is incredibly easy, makes brilliant colors, and can almost mimic the work of watercolor, or acrylic painting. Now of course, the longevity is poor, and although showing quite bright colors, it’ll never shine like an oil work. Lately I’ve been doing a lot of quick work for projects that will only be photographed and used as digital prints, so I’ve been taking advantage of this inexpensive solution to the hassle and cost of using more expensive materials. attached is a link to the paints I’ve used for most of the stuff on my feed. Check it out, but please keep in mind that it can also stain.